Detox water

These days in our office, we are experiencing detox water, ideal for purifying the body and eliminating toxins.
In addition to being refreshing, it helps to clean our body and reduce swelling. It has a strong diuretic action, it helps digestion and reduces nervous hunger.

Let’s see what you need and how to prepare it. We remind you that there are many variation, but this is our favorite version:

1 liter of mineral water
1 lemon
1 red apple
2 cm of fresh ginger

Wash lemon well, cut it in half and then divide it into smaller slices.
Peel the apple and cut it into clumps. Peel the ginger and slice it fine.
Pour the water into a jug or bottle, add the slices of apple, ginger and lemon. Stir and then put in the fridge all night.
The next day your water is ready to be drunk!

What are you waiting for? Summer is coming…

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