Go above and beyond, reinvent yourself and do whatever you do with passion.

Our daily formula for happy clients


GRAYDEE is a full service event management company based in Milan, Italy.

We are specialized in the creation of tailor made concepts and campaigns, providing the full spectrum of event production services to our customers. Our experience and passion guarantees highest quality standards. We love challenges and always commit to create value and a unique experience for every single event.

Established in 2014 as part of the Spindox Group, our work is characterized by the fusion of professional event organization with the latest technological innovations for events that amaze, entertain and inspire.

We are…dynamic, curious, ambitious, passionate, authentic, fearless and a bit nuts.

We offer…uniqueness, professionalism, quality and full commitment. Always.

the faces behind the scene

Curious creativity flavored with the right instinct based on a solid experience with a strong analytical sense – this are the winning key ingredients of our leading team.


The world is her living room. Passionate about travelling, she turned her personal enthusiasm into her profession. Economics and tourism management are her specialties and we’d describe her as strategic mastermind, fearless problem solver, analytic number cruncher, star wars fan and coffee addicted – what else!?


Foodie with heart and belly. Therefore it’s probably karma that brought her and her long lasting experience in marketing and communications to Italy. Since ever in special love with event management, our german import can be characterized as conceptual fireworks, organization freak, underwaterworld enthusiast and dolce vita supporter.